How To Get Great Ukulele Lessons In Sydney – And Beyond…

by zelda

Are you thinking about taking some ukulele lessons but don’t know where to start? Maybe you live in Sydney. Maybe you wish you lived in Sydney? Do you want to find out your options for learning ukulele in Sydney and beyond?

Here are some of the best ways for finding great ukulele teachers to help you learn to play ukulele wherever you live – and the great news is you can learn ukulele with the best ukulele teachers anywhere through Skype lessons.

Ukulele Lessons Online:ukulele lessons

On way would be online – a Google search using the search terms ‘ukulele lessons’ or ‘ukulele lessons in Sydney’ would bring you a bunch of ukulele teachers – including me – that would be suitable for your short list of great ukulele teachers.

You’ll find my name Zelda Sheldon listed as a ukulele lessons Sydney provider with one of the largest online group of music teachers for all kinds of music including ukulele. Here is a link to my page Zelda Sheldon ukulele teacher – anywhere via Skype.

The great feature about Music Teachers Online is that ALL the music teachers are listed by category of their musical instrument, as well as in their local areas, with map of where they are located. This helps students choose a ukulele teacher offering ukulele lessons close to home or where they work or go to school. Students may want to make their choice of teacher for ukulele lessons according to personality and teaching styles.

And unlike other music teacher directory sites that charge teachers to advertise – resulting in smaller numbers of qualified ukulele teachers – Music Teachers Online site is FREE for ALL ukulele teachers – which means that many more qualified ukulele teachers offering ukulele lessons are listed to give you a greater selection of quality ukulele teachers from which to choose. That’s a critical issue because a significant number of highly qualified music teachers avoid website directory scams forcing teachers to pay to be included in the directory.

BUYER BEWARE #1: Check these directories carefully and if you see that they charge their teachers to be there you’ll now be aware that the ukulele teachers listed are paying to be there and that you’re missing out on the majority of qualified ukulele teachers who are not there simply because they don’t agree with being forced to pay these directory owners for what should be a free listing. Professional trade directories have policies of free listings for all that ensures transparency for clients, letting them choose from the full range of available service providers in the marketplace. And I know you would prefer to see all the ukulele teacher options.

Once you’ve checked all the teachers available, read their bios and recommendations you would then ideally select a few ukulele teachers that offer the level you require – either beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The skill level the ukulele teachers would offer would also ideally be listed on this site. At least it should be. That way the student is fully informed. And ukulele teacher testimonials are also helpful too. Ukulele students who have experienced ukulele lessons with the ukulele teacher can give you some good clues for what to expect from the teacher.

I always recommend my students phone the ukulele teacher first before making a booking to have a chat and that way get a good idea how the teacher communicates and whether this is a good match of communication styles for the student.

These days there are so many ukulele teachers that being stuck with one whose style of communication is a mismatch would be highly unlikely. Just find another with the style you like. Simple!

Ukulele E-Books:

Ukulele Lessons Today E-book on Amazon Kindle

By popular demand I have created my beginners ukulele lessons as an e-book giving ukulele students everything needed to learn to play four basic chords on ukulele to unlock thousands of songs. Ukulele Lessons Today e-book is available for purchase for under $10 Amazon Kindle. It’s your super convenient ukulele lesson in your pocket.

Ukulele Videos Online:

Ukulele Lessons Today offers free teaching videos and other free resources as well. Check out the vids on how to strum ukulele and also some cool strumming patterns at Ukulele Lessons Today.

Ukulele Underground is another great internet resource offering a ton of free stuff. Ukulele Underground also offer ukulele lessons teaching how to play songs on ukulele with free videos. These enterprising guys also offer their version of ukulele lessons called Ukulele Underground University which is an online ukulele school you can pay to join to access their teaching resources. You can also find a ukulele group there too. Or maybe start your own. Check out some of their great teaching vids here.

Community Colleges:

The other way to find a teacher for ukulele lessons in Sydney is through a community college. There are quite a few community colleges around Sydney metro area and for some students learning in a group situation would work. Check your local community college – give them a call to find out when their next ukulele classes start.

Music Retailers:

Another way would be through a music instrument shop. Music shops offer instrument tuition for a range of musical instruments including guitars, drums, keyboards, flutes, and increasingly – ukulele. And music instrument retailers often have rooms right on the premises where the lessons take place. The downside of music shops for ukulele tuition is often the ukulele tuition rooms can be noisy and distracting and cramped, as well as inconvenient for parking and tuition times.

To find out if your local musical instrument retailer offers ukulele tuition just give them a quick phone call and ask. If they do offer ukulele tuition ask for the number of the ukulele teacher and give the ukulele teacher a call to have that chat about your requirements or preferences for learning ukulele.

BUYER BEWARE: It’s important to consider that just like the online music teacher directories who charge teachers to be included, music retailers also only offer a limited selection of ukulele teachers. Not only that, retailers usually pay music teachers a low hourly rate to teach, and also may charge the teacher a percentage for referring students. As you may imagine some of the best ukulele teachers would find no benefit in teaching ukulele or any other music lesson at music retailers for these reasons. There are many other reasons too such as sharing noisy facilities and lack of ideal lesson scheduling which is why learning ukulele through a music retailer referral may not be the best choice for your learning style or aspirations. So again do your due diligence with research and don’t just settle for what your closest music retailer offers. There is a world of world-class choice out there for ukulele lessons.

Street Press:

Another way would be the classifieds section of your street press. The Drum Media is Sydney’s street press and it lists musical services such as tuition. You’re sure to find a ukulele teacher for ukulele lessons in Sydney.

Ukulele Clubs:

You could also attend your local ukulele club. Ukulele clubs are sprouting up all over the place and there is a good chance you have one in your town. Here are some ukulele clubs to start with. Check out the list and see if there is a ukulele club close to you. Ukulele clubs In Sydney I have attended a few ukulele clubs to hang out with my ukulele tribe including the Balmain Ukulele Klub (BUK), Uke-Easts Club and Sydney North Ukulele Gang (SNUG). There are other ukulele clubs as well which you can easily find doing a google search online.

Ukulele Clubs are lot of fun and beginners will find ukulele clubs are a wonderful way to practice their skills within an encouraging, social atmosphere. You’ll find all kinds of skill levels at these ukulele clubs from raw ‘never-picked-up-a-uke-in-their-life’ beginners, to intermediate and advanced and even pros like me who teach and perform. I met a number of my students at uke clubs so it’s a great way to hang out with like-minded ukulele lovers like me!

By now you can see there are quite a few good ways to find a great ukulele teacher for ukulele lessons in Sydney and beyond.

If you are looking for an encouraging ukulele teacher I offer SKYPE ukulele lessons anywhere around the world – which my students say is a brilliant way to learn!

Would you like to learn to play ukulele like a pro?

If you are looking for a ukulele teacher I offer ukulele lessons online via Skype anywhere around the world – which my students say is a brilliant way to learn!

And by popular demand I have created my beginners ukulele lessons as an e-book giving ukulele students everything needed to learn to play four basic chords on ukulele to unlock thousands of songs.

Ukulele Lessons Today e-book is available for purchase for under $10 Amazon Kindle. It’s your super convenient ukulele lessons in your pocket.

About The Author:

Zelda Sheldon is an author, educator, performer and award winning commercial broadcast songwriter whose works continue to be performed around the world. She helped establish the first Australian chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) in Sydney and is a passionate advocate for building dynamic, creative communities, lifelong learning and bringing the magic of music and songs into more lives for holistic health.

Along with her songwriting Zelda is a popular ukulele performer and music educator offering world-class Ukulele Lessons Sydney, Nashville and Online via Skype for beginners of all ages, along with singing, songwriting and creative life coaching.

Zelda Sheldonukulele lessons

Ukulele Lessons Today

ukulele lessons

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