Getting A Catalogue And Repertoire Of Ukulele Songs

by zelda

Whether you are a seasoned ukulele player or even just thinking of taking ukulele lessons I would suggest getting your own ukulele play list or repertoire of songs for ukulele you like and want to play.

Of the best things I did to learn to play ukulele and take my ukulele playing to the next level was building a song list. I have come across a wide variety of songs in my various activities as a ukulele teacher, or going along to a ukulele club or jamming with other musicians. Students who come to me to learn ukulele will bring songs they want to learn – so this is one way to build a catalogue.

How I started my song catalogue was I had one or two chord charts I had printed from songs I found from the internet. There are two online sources I find myself using the most – and

I am always on the lookout for songs for my students’ ukulele lessons and also that I can perform.ukulele lessons

Then I attended my first ukulele club. One great thing about going along to a ukulele club is that you often get given song chord charts so you can strum along with the song. And on a good night at a ukulele club you may get 10 new songs to play. And even if these songs are golden oldies that’s OK because these songs are still new for your uke playing. I came home with another 10 ukulele chord charts for the songs played at the uke club. At first these bits of paper just sat around in a pile but then I decided to get organised.

And what a difference it made.

So now I’ve got myself a song file – actually I have several files in which I put the different songs. So I’d suggest you do that too because if you’re going to build a catalogue you’re going to need some kind of system to keep your chord charts organised and ready to use.

You can find lots of different styles of files at stationary or office supply stores. There are those metal ring binders for which you can either punch holes in your printed ukulele chord charts, or you can insert your ukulele chord chart into plastic sleeves thread onto the metal ring binder. The beauty about this type of ring binder is that it will be super easy to keep your songs in alphabetical order and you can just keep adding songs in the exact order easily to the binder.

Another benefit of this type of ring binder is it can take a large quantity of songs – maybe even 100 or so. On the other hand having a large number of songs can make the folder heavy and awkward to carry around and if you have a flimsy metal music stand a heavy folder or binder can cause your music stand to topple over.

And this is where Flick Files are great. I like to use flick files for my ukulele chord charts because these files are super lightweight and have a flexibility to make it easy to fold the page back on itself and these are easy to use on music stands. Flick Files come in two sizes to hold either 20 or 40 songs. The downside of using Flick Files is it is not as easy as ring binders to add songs in alphabetical order. So what happens is I often need to take out all my ukulele chord charts and re-order them.

Another alternative is the plastic comb binder with a sliding spine which locks and unlocks. These come in various sizes too and can hold whatever the size of the spine. This type of binder will allow me to re-order my songs and add new ones in the order I choose.

Just choose a file that suits you best and these are not very expensive but if you get one or two you can start your catalogue.

It may be helpful to arrange these in alphabetical order so you can easily find the song you’re looking for in your catalogue.

You may want to group your binders into genres -eg Old Time, Blues, Country, Contemporary pop.

If you are learning and taking ukulele lessons you may want to keep a binder of songs you want to learn and also songs you are currently learning.

And it’s when you’re out jamming with other musicians that your catalogue and order system will either help you or hinder you.

That’s OK – experiment and play and see what works for you.

Happy strumming.

Would you like to learn to play ukulele like a pro?

If you are looking for a ukulele teacher I offer ukulele lessons online via Skype anywhere around the world – which my students say is a brilliant way to learn!

And by popular demand I have created my beginners ukulele lessons as an e-book giving ukulele students everything needed to learn to play four basic chords on ukulele to unlock thousands of songs.

Ukulele Lessons Today e-book is available for purchase for under $10 Amazon Kindle. It’s your super convenient ukulele lessons in your pocket.

About The Author:

Zelda Sheldon is an author, educator, performer and award winning commercial broadcast songwriter whose works continue to be performed around the world. She helped establish the first Australian chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) in Sydney and is a passionate advocate for building dynamic, creative communities, lifelong learning and bringing the magic of music and songs into more lives for holistic health.

Along with her songwriting Zelda is a popular ukulele performer and music educator offering world-class Ukulele Lessons Sydney, Nashville and Online via Skype for beginners of all ages, along with singing, songwriting and creative life coaching.

Zelda Sheldonukulele lessons

Ukulele Lessons Today

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