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‘Music calls us home’ says the Nashville Tennessee AKA ‘Music City’ website.

The Ukulele goes to nashvilleYes,  Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville admits Nashville, Tennessee is one serious music city.

Nashville airport hosts live music performances to greet new arrivals which Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville happily discovered while walking through the airport terminal at Nashville.  Nashville hosts a bevy of music festivals and events attracting musicians, music lovers and students from all over the world.

Nashville even has its own train named ‘Music City Star’ and Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville enjoyed a lovely riverside ride.

Nashville Tennessee is home to more country music stars and songwriters than you can poke a stick at – but it’s not just country music that calls Nashville home.

Nashville has its own orchestra – the Nashville Symphony known as one of the most active recording orchestras in the USA winning six GRAMMY® awards.

Nashville boasts more recording studios than any other place on earth and Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville had the pleasure of checking out some of the busiest studios in town and delighted to sit in on some great recording sessions, and afterwards meet up with some of the top musicians in country music who play with the world’s greatest country artists.

According the Nashville Musicians Association this is where the finest musicians in the world can be found. The 2,100 they represent play all genres including jazz, rock, symphonic, pop, bluegrass, gospel. And oh yes country music too.

Oh, and there is a ukulele club too – The Nashville Ukulele Society.

Ukelele Lessons Today Nashville is Calling

So many good reasons why Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville will be calling Nashville home for a while in 2012. You might say ‘music called Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville home’ to Nashville.

On our second visit to Nashville we bought a Lanikai concert ukulele and the coolest black leather lattice-weave case you’ve ever seen. We were so hooked on Nashville that we purchased a gorgeous old retro style brick home on half an acre and promised our co-writing buddies we’d come back soon to make Nashville our new home base for our music business.

From early 2012 we’ll be offering ukulele lessons in Nashville. These will be face-to-face and via Skype to ukulele students all over the world. If you can’t wait you can have a skype lesson. Skype makes learning ukulele with the world’s easiest Ukulele Lessons a breeze. Right from the comfort of your home you can be learning how to play ukulele like a pro.

Sydney’s gone Ukulele Mad

Meanwhile back in our hometown Sydney Australia we have been busy riding the huge ukulele wave of popularity, visiting the local ukulele clubs and offering the world’s easiest ukulele lessons face-to-face either in person or via skype anywhere. Rave reviews flow in from students saying Ukulele Lessons Today make learning ukulele not just easy but fun as well.

Brand new e-book

We’ve also been busy creating our first ukulele lessons coaching book.  It’s titled ‘Ukulele Lessons Today e-book 1 and it’s available on Amazon Kindle.  Ukulele Lessons Today e-book makes learning ukulele even easier and more affordable.

“We wanted students to feel like they had an awesome ukulele teacher in their pocket to learn ukulele anytime anywhere at a fraction of the face-to-face ukulele lessons price” said author Zelda Sheldon.

With one simple download and click ukulele learners can purchase the book for under $10 AUD and judging by the book’s popularity it’s exactly what people wanting when learning to play ukulele.

We could all do with a little more time and with the convenience of e-books it makes learning so much easier to fit into our busy lives. And some people learn more effectively with books and diagrams and pictures. Like learning to cook using recipe books.

Nashville 2012

So that’s our Nashville Story for Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville – we’ll be there early 2012 for face-to-face ukulele lessons and meanwhile you can start learning with the e-book or skype.


Zelda Sheldon

Ukulele Lessons Today


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Because Ukulele Lessons Today Nashville is the best place to learn ukulele

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