What to Expect from Ukulele Lessons Today

If you want to learn how to play ukulele  you’re going to love learning ukulele with Ukulele Lessons Today.

It’s known as the world’s easiest Ukulele Lessons because this system makes it super easy to learn what’s needed to play ukulele right – right from the start.

Students of Ukulele Lessons Today have come to expect amazing results from their very first ukulele lesson. They know that even after just one lesson they know all the fundamentals for playing ukulele  – how to hold the ukulele, how to tune the ukulele, how to play ukulele chords correctly, how to make clean chord on ukulele without buzzes and rattles or dead sounds, and how to play 4 chords that unlock literally thousands of popular songs.

Some ukulele students come to me after having lessons from other teachers, or from watching videos online or from a book or are self-taught. And after just one lesson with Ukulele Lessons Today they leave with a skip in their step and a huge smile on their face.  Here’s why.

It’s all about focusing only on what a beginner really needs and leaving out what they don’t need. What a beginner needs when they start playing ukulele is a system for remembering all the fundamentals like the numbering of strings, frets and fingers and the correct method for coordinating the actions required for playing ukulele chords the right way.

The right way to play ukulele is simply the way that achieves the best result for the student, yielding the best sound and the easiest to master both quickly and for the long term.

Sheila learns the C chord

Ukulele Lessons Today students…

Ukulele Lessons today students love the way the whole system for learning ukulele has been streamlined for rapid learning. With super clear and well-organized lesson plans that guarantee great results for playing ukulele with feel, style and tight timing faster than any other method.

When it comes to playing ukulele timing is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects. A visit to a typical ukulele club in any town will confirm this. You’ll find that even some of the most experienced uke clubbers who can play all the ukulele chords OK speed up in songs and make playing along almost impossible. Bottom line – the uke clubsters know all the chords and the old songs but their timing is poor – showing they’ve never learned the basics of keeping good timing. And in music keeping good timing is vital.

And another awesome thing you can expect from learning ukulele with Ukulele Lessons Today is the quality of songs. Other books and methods give naff little ‘kiddy’ nursery rhyme songs like ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ or Frere Jacques to teach ukulele. And these songs have little long lasting appeal to adults. I don’t think anyone will be excited showing off the new song they are learning on ukulele by playing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ to friends and family.


What you can expect with Ukulele Lessons Today is learning on awesome songs that you can be proud to show off.

7 simple steps to start ukulele lessons today.

1.  Check your schedule or diary and select 3 suitable time options for your first 2-hour easy-start lesson.

2.  Pre-pay your first lesson with paypal and specify your 3 suitable time options in the comments.

3.  Once your payment has been processed your lesson will be scheduled with one of your time options.

4.  Within 24 hours of your first lesson starting a confirmation will be emailed to you with attachments for learning resources for  you to print. These resources will also be available on line if you cannot access a printer.

5.  Test your skype works for audio and video at least 4 hours before lesson.

6.  For your lesson create a quiet, private learning environment where you will not be interrupted and where you can feel relaxed and focused. Have your ukulele ready.

7.  Be prepared for a wonderful learning experience with the world’s easiest ukulele lessons.


Ready to get started and book your first ukulele lesson?

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Because Ukulele Lessons Today is the best place to learn ukulele today

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