Ukulele Resources

Jambalaya in F

Jambalaya 1 – 1 Down strum per chord change. Full Version with 3 verses.
Use this version to play the other strum patterns over when you want to play along with the whole song.


Jambalaya 2 – 2 Down strums per chord change. Verse Only.


Jambalaya 3 – 4 Down strums per chord change. Verse and Chorus.


Jambalaya 4 – 8 Down strums per chord change. Verse and Chorus.


Jambalaya 5 – Down, Down up, Down up, Down up, Strum Pattern. Verse and Chorus.


Ukulele Tuner

Play the audio file to hear the note G, C, E or A  as a sine wave. After 30 seconds a piano chord will be sounded followed by the note again. TIP : As you tune, listen for “beating“, once the beating has slowed to barely noticeable you are in tune. Try starting with the third string “C” as this is the lowest note on the instrument.

String 4 Tuning Note G
String 3 Tuning Note C
String 2 Tuning Note E
String 1 Tuning Note A

Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1


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